Helping our clients unify and use their data for competitive advantage

We have an enhanced data offering at Solutia to help companies organize, unify and use their data to develop their customer relationships and better protect themselves from increasing cyber security attacks.

Solutia’s enhanced data management offering is simple and effective. Here’s how it works….

  • Our Data Architects start by assessing the customer and the relationship they have with the company.

  • We then analyze the company’s data production landscape and organize the data, removing silos to create a centralized hub of data that better informs the company on how to improve the customer journey.

  • This results in the company creating better customer experiences and increased value for their clients and themselves. It also provides enhanced support to respond to regulator demands and cyber security threats more efficiently.

  • Our Data Architects then work with our Data Strategists to identify and evaluate the analytics opportunities to develop and scale customer experiences. Solutia blends its deep knowledge and experience in data management with its practical front-line experience in customer journey mapping to create unique experiences.

  • We then translate this into digital applications that can be scaled across the business enterprise for competitive advantage and long-term sustainment. We ensure that we provide the company with a comprehensive data ecosystem model and the strategic capabilities to execute and sustain over the long-term.

For the last 16 years, Solutia has been using its experience in digital innovation and implementation to improve company performance. We are often the company that is brought in to fix a project that is failing to meet its objectives or to execute a strategic initiative on time and within budget. 

During this time, we have learned the critical value of data and in particular customer data. Data has grown in importance and is now part of everything we do.

Our team is friendly, fun and agile. We take complex data topics and make them business friendly. We seamlessly integrate into your culture and business structure to be part of your team and are ready to talk to you about how we can help. Let’s chat. Email me at

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