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Digital Transformation is the key to a company’s growth, but it is more than just the creation of attractive technology applications with the latest graphics and artificial intelligence built in. It has to work for and align to the goals of the business. We are seeing this in consumables, banking and transportation – fast rising consumer demand for connectivity, efficiency and innovation permeates all industries. And for those companies that have the right formulae, we see an increase in sales, customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

We work with business executives and their management teams to understand where they want to take their business, including financial performance and operational efficiencies. These business drivers enable us to bridge the gap between technology infrastructure and applications, including new systems integration and remodeling. At Solutia, we take each project and customize our plan of execution to meet your needs and align to your culture.

As we have already discussed, clean and aggregated data is an important component in the execution of a successful digital transformation strategy, e.g. OMNI or API technologies. Our team of specialists will work with your digital and data teams to align technology solutions to business needs across front, middle and back office operations to gain maximum value and efficiency.

Here are a couple of examples

Solutia was engaged by a large brokerage to overhaul its performance related reporting. A new system was designed and seamlessly integrated into the business. Data processes were also reviewed and improved.

Solutia designed, built and implemented a new sales and service model for one of Canada’s largest companies. This included new technology, adherence to new risk and compliance policies and operations

Solutia was tasked with integrating a newly acquired business into a large established blue chip company with legacy systems. Integration work streams included operations, change management (people), regulation and risk

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